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Communication is the process of exchanging thoughts, messages, facts, feelings, or information as by speech, visuals, signs, writing, or behavior by one person to another person. The general need of communication is mutual understanding.
Communication requires a sender, message and a recipient; although the receiver need not be present of aware of the sender intent to communicate at the time of communication. Communication is a social activity. Man as a social animal has to communicate. Hence communication very important for every human being. Thus communication can occur across vast distances in time and space. Communication process is complete once the receiver has understood message of the sender.
Motivation is the word derived from word ‘motive’ which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals. It is the process of stimulating people to actions to accomplish the goals. In the work goal context the psychological factors stimulating the people behavior. Eg; desire for money, success, recognition, team work etc.
Motivation is important in order to reach our goals. In fact motivation is most important and driving factor for us reaching our goals. So when that being said it is not hard to imagine how thing would be if there was no such thing as motivation.
Communicating effectively involves both understanding and being understood. That is what leader does. Good communication is all about quality and not about quantity. Less is more when it done right. Often, if communication is not done right it just causes more problems. We must influence and motivate the other when we communicate. We must communicate intentionally and we must know that what we want from conversation. We must focus on quality not qutity. Communication must do with compassion, enthusiasm and energy. Simplify the message that communicates. The leader de-complicates the world and makes it easy for everyone to understand.
Effective communication and motivation skills are critical for helping people make choice for positive health habits. Active listening requires being fully present physically emotionally and socially. Motivation strategies are person centered method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring values, interest and desire to pursue identified goals and helps resolve problems.

Role of communication:
Communication is a very good motivator for every person and in every field. Communication can motivate the people in their work or also in their personal life. Motivation through communication can be done every field like in schools and colleges teacher motivate the student through his communication which help the student to do his task and achieve his aim.
Communication plays a key role in the success of any work place program or policy and serves as the foundation for all five types of psychological healthy workplace practices. Communication about workplace practices helps achieve the desired outcomes for the employee and the organization in a variety of ways.
Upward communication provides information about employee needs, values, perception and opinions. This helps organization select and tailor their programs and policies to meet the specific need of their employees so they can be motivated.
Downward communication can increase utilization of specific workplace programs by making employee aware of their availability, clearly explaining how to access and use the services and demonstrating the management supports and values the programs.
Employee motivation in the organization help in improves the performance of the company. Without Motivation Company productivity become slow and output will drop. In the organization manager play important role in motivation. Communication among manager and employee is helpful in building professional relationship in the office. The communication can come from team building exercise, company meeting, office meeting, or other social gathering. The relationship come from communication motivate employee to work with other to achieve a goal.
Manager must clearly understand the goals and objective of the organization. So that manger can clearly explain the goals to the employee. A clear understanding of the goals and objective motivate the employee to achieve those goals. For example if a company goal to sell the 2000 product for a month. This goal is motivation for work. So the managers should know various communication ideas to motivate the employee. Employee lacks of clear the task for the day or week likely to be losing their motivation. So it is a responsibility of a manger to use the communication to assign the task to employee. The manager must evaluate the employee performance and he must tell the performance face to face so that employee knows his performance, so employee motivated to improve his performance.
Communication also play important role in national development and it’s motivated various aspects which helpful for national development. The national development play in the political and economical development of emerging nations. Development of communication channel is closely interrelated with the complex process of political, social and economical evolution in the new countries. The communication helps and motivated the people to take part in economic, political, and social environment effectively. So that the country can developed. The communication assists in public understood and acceptance of national goals and the individual responsibility for attaining them.
The mass communication is one of the important types of communication in society. They influence the society effectively. So that society always depends on media for any information
If these media motivated the society in right direction in relation to the national development, the nation can developed very fast economically, politically and socially. So communication also important in national development.
In the field of education the communication also play an important role .communication helps in development of education in schools and colleges. It helps to bring the different reforms in education. In a schools and colleges student are not motivated. Student will don’t show the interest in education this will affect their academies performance. The teacher must motivate the student. The motivation can be done by good communication. The good relationship between teacher and student will help the student to develop his knowledge. The teacher can understand the topic to the student very clearly and simple language. The teacher has good communication skills teacher can use them to motivate the student to achieve his goal.
In the field of sports also communication helps to motivate the sports person. The sports person can be motivated by the coach by his good communication skill. In every sports field communication takes important part. For example games like volleyball, cricket etc where the coach not only give coach in relating to the game. But he also encourages the person by his communication skill and motivates him, which help the sports person to increase his self confidence to win his goal.
The communication is very important in cultural development. The culture is different from one country to another country, from one region to another region. The understanding of the different culture of the people is very important. The culture means our surrounding, family, friends, school, work, and neighborhood. In other words small scale communication and interaction on day to day basis in the place around us. This kind of culture is primary and formed largely by word mouth communication. The communication which helps in understanding the different culture and also respect the culture. Mass communication that is media which highly influence the people by different media like radio, newspaper, internet, television etc. This media help and motivated the people to understand the culture. Because of media the people know the different culture so the people can use other culture for their development. Media is also change the culture of the society and produces the modern culture. So the people change their values, attitude, and behavior according to the modern culture. If the media create good culture in the society this will help in developing the society. The media also help in cultural development between the nations which help the nation to keep the good relationship between the nations.
Communication motivated the people to aware of the social problems and changes. Communication actively helps the people even those from different social groups within a community to share information exchange ideas in appositive and productive fashion. This will help them to understand the how development issues affect them, discussion covering what other think in other communities and seeing what other communication achieved. This will help them find common ground for action, based on their own needs and capabilities.
Communication also play important role on the international level. The globalization has pushed the world to new heights in a variety of ways. However, with the new interconnected nature of society international communication has taken on an international level of importance. Effective international communication will motivate the country to keep good relationship with other countries. The international communication also helps to resolve the conflict between the countries. Today most of the countries involved in international communication which help the countries in international security. International security a great deal of coordination among different countries world leader have to able to discuss and develop strategies for avoiding and stopping international conflict. For example failure to effectively communicate between Russian and American politician nearly led to a nuclear conflict with the Cuban missile crisis during Kennedy’s presidency. It was only through efficient and effective international communication between the country leaders that was able to save off a military engagement. Effective international communication relies on fair amount of transparency and willingness to and willingness to engage in talks. However successful execution of these tactics can decrease the probability of military conflict.
Thus communication is very useful to every person in his day to day activity. Communication helps to motivate the person to do his work very effectively and efficiently. In our day to day activates we can see that how communication help in motivating the people. The teacher motivates his student to get good marks in his studies. Even in our friends help each other and motivate each other in studies or other things. Mother motivates his son in his achievements.
Communication plays vital role in human development. Communication process which empower people able to arrive their own understanding and take their decision. So communication considered as a very important in all levels. So we can motivate the people using communication. The motivation should do in a proper manner suppose if a small child made any mistake in his studies the parent should understand the problem of child and communicate with child in proper manner. If parent not communicate with the child and not understand the problem. The child may not motivated and not keep the interest in his studies. Thus communication plays important for today’s world. The significance of communication for human life cannot overestimate. This is true because besides physical requirement of food and shelter man needs to be communicating with his/her fellow beings. Without communication no society can exist, much less developed and for the existence as well as organization of every society communication is fundamental and vital process.
• Business communication; Rajendra pal and Koralahalli


Man arrested for questioning Mamata; by deccan herald

A person, who publicly questioned West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee about the farmers’ plight and her government’s policy towards them on Wednesday during her rally at Belpahari in west Midnapore district, was arrested on Saturday.

“Shiladitya Chowdhury was arrested on Saturday morning and booked for disrupting a public rally, entering into a high-security zone and assaulting police personnel,” Superintendent of Police of Jhargram police district Bharati Ghosh told Deccan Herald.

On her visit to the Maoist-affected Belpahari on Wednesday, Banerjee was addressing a public rally when Chowdhury stood up and asked her: “Farmers are dying because they have no money. Empty promises are not enough. What are you doing for farmers?” 
The chief minister branded Chowdhury a ‘Maoist’ and asked the police to arrest him. 

The police, detained the man and later released him after interrogation but only to arrest him on Saturday morning again. 

“It is another example of intolerance of the chief minister. It is highly unjustified that a common man who wanted to say something about his problem could be arrested in such a way. The government is not ready to tolerate any kind of criticism. They are even taking away people’s right to speak,” senior CPM leader Mohammed Salim said.

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